Pleat Curtain
Pleat Curtain

"In parallel with the technological developments of the curtain making industry, as a result of continuous progress in homes and A new generation that can be used for different purposes in workplaces To ensure the comfort of our customers by producing curtain types. We aim. Unlike classical curtain fabrics, the sun such as filtering the rays of the sun, ensuring the heat balance in the spaces. modern curtain made of technical fabrics with functions models are becoming more and more common. by rope besides the controlled ones, there are also motorized alternatives. Pleat curtain models are especially decorated in a modern style. It fits the spaces very well."

PropertiesFor pleated curtain systems, folding glass balcony systems, geometric windows solution oriented for PVC windows and doors We wouldn't be wrong if we say that it is. At the same time, constantly successful solutions for hard-to-reach spots has developed. Bright environments thanks to its semi-permeable structure creates.

In folding glass balcony systems, PVC windows and doors, In Winter Garden systems, yacht, boat, ceiling curtains, roof curtain, curved and geometric windows etc. used in applications. motorized and controlled It is among the models that it can be applied very easily in systems.

Pleat curtain systems with washable and wipeable feature provides easy use. At the same time, with its non-flammable feature creates healthy environments.
What is Pleat Curtain?"For folding glass balcony systems and PVC doors, windows frequently preferred, up-down direction with its rope mechanism a soft light of daylight in the space, allowing movement It is a type of curtain that provides the distribution of especially the roof floors, ships, winter gardens, folding cabalkon systems spaces such as polygonal, sloping, and sometimes difficult to reach Suitable for windows. Its appearance is decorative, It is practical to use. As one piece up to a certain size pieces of suitable size for separate glass wings as applicable can be installed and applied.

This functional curtain type design with a modern design As an advantage of the principles of helps reduce. A strong and useful curtain type. The image when folded takes up very little space. does not cause pollution. 3 meters tall hill if applied to the window, the space it occupies when collected 10 cm. is around. Different color options are available. Flexible Thanks to its structure, it can be used in narrow areas with asymmetrical, triangular or It can be used in circular windows, ceilings. Window even if the distance between the wings and the ceiling is small. applicable. Protects places from overheating on hot days, provides the desired level of privacy.

You need curtains for ceiling windows or glass balconies. If there is pleat curtain will be the best choice for you."
What Should Be Considered When Buying Pleat Curtains?"Consider it if you want to buy a good curtain The most important point is the fabric and the aluminum used. It is the quality of profiles and accessories. Especially with mechanism. On the curtains, besides this, the mechanism is suitable and durable. You should also make sure that Which curtain type do you choose for a long and comfortable use, regardless of You should get the best you can get. cheap curtain attractive is an alternative, but quality models are medium and long It will be worth the money you pay in the long run."
How to Clean Pleat Curtain?"This type of curtains made of polyester fabrics can easily get dirty. They do not hold and are resistant to moisture. normal conditions soiling that will disturb them in a short time. is out of the question. Gently wipe your curtain with a damp sponge. You can clear it by wiping. In addition, the fabric mechanism can be separated and washed."
A Perfect Curtain Alternative for Geometrical Formed Windows"Pleated curtains are circular, triangular, polygonal, beveled, trapezoidal must be evaluated for spaces with windows It is a necessary alternative. In addition, thanks to its special textures, the environment helps to stabilize the temperature, energy saving they provide. Curtain to take advantage of daylight or outside equal when lifted up to enjoy the view a thin pile of neatly folded strips of fabric creates. It also emits light softly when lowered. It provides a measured light by filtering it. "A Simple and Modern Appearance in Spaces"The appearance of pleated curtains is plain and without details, so immediately They adapt to any environment. A little modern – a little classic or more Pleat curtain for places where you want a flashy look. You can also use it in combination with fabric curtains."Rope Control Is Not The Only Option"Control your pleated curtain with the help of the rope system in its mechanism. You can choose it or you can prefer it to be produced with a motor."
How to Take Curtain Size?
"Control your pleated curtain with the help of the rope system in its mechanism. You can choose it or you can prefer it to be produced with a motor.""Height and height of the folding glass balcony fixed and opening wings how to take width measurements, what to pay attention to, etc. You can access technical information from the size guide. "


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